Boisbuchet Experience

The Domaine de Boisbuchet is a unique place in the middle of nowhere in the south of France. Every summer, designers and architects from all over the world go there to run week-long workshops on various design topics. Jörg has been invited by the curators four times. His workshops took an experimental approach, with themes such as ‘Flow’, ‘Hot’ or ‘Typical Unypical’.

References and clichés from the Black Forest were set in an untypical context during the one-week ‘Typical Untypical’ workshop. The final objects are outdoor seating concepts for the Black Forest tourism board. They were implemented as full-scale prototypes at the end of the week. Jörg ran this workshop in collaboration with Moritz Halfmann.


This workshop was about exploring heat in all its forms. The process was documented by a heat camera. The participants had to think about a ‘camp fire to-Go’ and created various ‘hot spots’ in the area around Boisbuchet. The projects were characterized by a well-balanced relationship between conceptual thinking and hands-on experiments. Jörg organised the workshop with Moritz Halfmann.


The theme ‘FLOW!’ inspired participants to experiment with flowing movements and shapes. New materials were created and the students tried to freeze flowing liquids. They worked with water for the final objects. Surrounded by a river and a lake, Boisbuchet was the perfect place for these projects.