EA sports bar


The EA SPORTS BAR is a place where analogue objects from the world of sports meet digital interactive architecture. The bar becomes a link between real space and EA’s virtual game worlds. Situated in EA’s headquarters, the EA SPORTS BAR is designed as a showroom, public bar and employee’s restaurant.

References from the world of sports can be found in the materials and the design language of the interior and furniture used in the bar. Seating landscapes made out of black perforated leather evoke materials from boxing and provide a visual contrast to the coach’s benches in light ash wood. Part of an original gym floor with the typical graphics becomes a wall installation. Like in their virtual game landscapes, the EA logo is integrated in the material of the furniture elements. The architecture of the space is animated by the two wall-filling LED pixel screens. The old-school pixel aesthetic is a reminder of the early beginnings of the computer game era.

Photos: Anton Moisseev